Data Furnace Companies

Companies working on data furnace technology today

Founded in 2017
Based in Brussels

Deep Green
Founded in 2017
Building a “digital boiler” / small data centre the size of a washing machine, to heat public swimming pools.
Based in United Kingdom

Cryptocurrency mining operator producing a mining unit which recycles heat generated by mining to warm houses, warehouses and greenhouses.
Founded in 2012
Based in Canada

Designed a prototype data furnace wall radiator. Developed and launched a successful data furnace water heater.
Founded in 2013
Based in Netherlands
Lost funding in 2019

Produce a data furnace wall radiator.
Founded in 2010
Based in France
Produce a digital boiler made of ecoresponsible computing servers with the heat used by the boiler for the building it is in, such as swimming pools, collective residential buildings, etc.
Founded in 2013
Based in France

(Formerly Green Processing Ltd)
Developing a data furnace to heat homes in place of a traditional boiler.
Inventors of data furnace technology for on demand heating of peoples homes.
Founded in 2009
Based in United Kingdom

IP Companies Have

May not be a complete list!
Older granted patents take priority over newer applications.

2017-10-06 – Thermify
Heating apparatus

2017-01-16 – Cnergy
A heating system and a heating method

2015-04-13 – Garnier Thomas and Laplane Benjamin
Chauffe-eau comprenant des moyens de calcul intensif

2015-03-16 – Nerdalize
Module for cooling a heat generating component

2013-12-20 – Stimergy
Dispositif de chauffage d’un liquide

2012-02-28 – Heatmine
Heat capture system for electrical components providing electromagnetic pulse protection

2011-02-01 – Cloud & Heat
Heating system and method for heating a building and/or for preparing hot water

2010-12-21 – Zhigu Holdings
Home heating server

2010-01-06 – Qarnot
Electric radiator using calculating processors as a heat source

2009-10-07 – Thermify
Heating apparatus | Inventor Discussion